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Novels are an awesome time spender for people. People love to read Romantic Romance Urdu Novel, Kidnapping Based Novel Forced Marriage Novel, Rude Hero and heroin based, Hero teacher, Hero doctor Hero Police, Hidden nikah based, university-based, Love after marriage, Arranged marriage, Revenge based and Funny romantic Novels. Here you can find alif Novel.

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Alif novel By Umera Ahmed is a newly released novel. You can read the Romantic Urdu Novel from The Below Post Section and also you can download it from here. Alif novel By Umera Ahmed’s novel is categorized into different topics. Please have a look, you will get to know below.

About the Writer

Umera Ahmed is a new very famous writer nowadays. Her unique and professional writing skill is awesome and fabulous just out of the world. Every person of any age can easily understand and read the whole story plot and I am 100 percent sure the reader will fall in love with the writer’s writing skills.

All tags are available from the below section to understand the whole story plot of this novel. The Author of this Novel is the best writer of all time. Umera Ahmed has written many Famous social romantic Urdu novels in Shuaa, Khwateen, Digest, Kiran, and Aanchal Digest. You will Read about Rude and cruel hero which do bad things with the heroine. But at last, Hero falls in love with the heroine and realizes that he was wrong and live happily. These are the best Romance Based Urdu Novels for our best lovely readers.

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Novel Name: Alif novel

Category: Mohabbat Based Novel

Name of Writer: Umera Ahmed

File Size: 84.01 MB

Download Link: Google Drive

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alif novel consists of 12 episodes which are discussed one by one.

Alif novel episode 1

Alif novel episode 2

Alif novel episode 3

Alif novel episode 4

Alif novel episode 5

Alif novel episode 6

Alif novel episode 7

Alif novel episode 8

Alif novel episode 9

Alif novel episode 10

Alif novel episode 11

Alif novel last episode 12



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